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Time Attendance HRM Solutions

Enhance HR management with our cutting-edge system. Record attendance using fingerprint, facial recognition, QR codes, and mobile GPS. Optimize your HR operations with our specialized attendance software designed for Singaporean businesses.
Easily Handles Any Work Shifts
  • Handle standard office hours, e.g. from 9 am to 5 pm.
  • Handle shifts between 0 am to 12 pm or same day.
  • Handle shifts spanning two different days, e.g. start working at 10 pm and end at 7 am the next day.
Auto Track Employee Attendance
  • Auto indicates employee lateness.
  • Auto indicates overtime hours
  • Automatic calculate recess time (early or late in).
  • Auto match to the predefined employee-specific workdays.
  • Able to identify employee absence.
Scheduled Work Pattern Changes
  • Scheduled work pattern switch, e.g. this week work morning shift and next week work night shift.
  • You are also able to handle attendance based on work hour, e.g. the employee group need to work 8 hours per day regardless of their working time.
Integration with eLeave and eClaims
  • When integrated with e-leave, it categorizes absence reasons like leave, medical leave, designated holidays, and more.
  • Integrated with e-claims, the attendance system identifies overtime hours and handles leave claims during public holidays.
Overnight Timesheet
Our system offers the capability to monitor employees’ overnight attendance, displaying clock-in and out times in a single column, even if work extends into the following day. Additionally, it calculates total working hours for employees and automatically indicates any overtime hours accrued
Facial Recognition Attendance
When worked with Thermal Facial Recognition device, it can use A.I to calculate and automatically matched the working pattern according to employee’s predefined pattern.
Multi Device Compatible

Check in and out through different branches or different devices, the A.I will match and combine into proper in-out attendance record. Check in and out via different device, e.g. check in using fingerprint then check out using mobile phone.

Real-time Reporting

. The attendance report can be generated real time, anytime, anywhere. Multiple reports are available. Reports can be exported to Excel for further analysis. Report can be customized. Developers are assisting to generate special reports.


The best part of our attendance system is the dynamic support from our developer team. Each company has their own set of tweaked business rules, we are here to support our client to enhance. We are easily reached by phone, WhatsApp or email.

Ways to Check-in and Check-out

Multi Device Attendance

Check in/out using Mobile Phone, QR GPS, QR-WFP, and TF-100 facial recognition device. Able to define working hour for each employee, define a work pattern and switch if needed.

Flexible Check In/Out Location

Check in/out using Mobile Phone, QR GPS, QR-WFP, and TF-100 facial recognition device. Able to define working hour for each employee, define a work pattern and switch if needed.

Mobile Attendance App

Our mobile attendance app allows employees to clock in, clock out, and record lunch breaks via their smartphones with GPS accuracy. Geo-Fencing features ensure employees are at the correct site, preventing attendance falsification and maintaining reliable records.

GPS Tracking

Utilize GPS technology for accurate attendance tracking, monitoring clock-in locations for precise records.

Geo-Fencing Control

Set specific clock-in areas for remote work or office settings, enhancing attendance accuracy.

GPS with Selfie

Attach employee photos to GPS attendance records for efficient tracking of remote workers.

Push Notifications

Receive instant alerts for clock-ins/outside set boundaries, ensuring timely oversight.

Access our HRM system conveniently from your fingertips! Available on Google Play Store, Apple App Store & Huawei App Gallery

Biometric Attendance Devices

We provide various methods for capturing employee time attendance, each device offering unique capabilities and seamless integration with our HR Attendance modules. Once the data is recorded in the database, the system facilitates comprehensive analytics on the collected information.

TF-150 Attendance System

Capture time attendance using facial recognition technology, available for both online and offline.

QR-WFP Attendance System

Capture attendance with our fingerprint-enabled system and QR code scanning. Online and offline.

QR-GPS Attendance System

Capture employee attendance through QR code scanning or mobile GPS mapping, online only.

Staff Attendance System
The BizCloud HR Suite attendance system enhances productivity and compliance. Employees clock in at client sites, saving time. It automatically adjusts for leave, holidays, and overtime. This automation improves efficiency and reduces costs. The system tracks work hours accurately and integrates wit e-Leave HRM System and e-Claim System.
Offline System
BizCloud HR Suite’s attendance module works offline as a standalone device with QR-WFP Attendance System device. Employees can scan QR codes with their phones, storing data locally. Access and view the data via a browser like Google Chrome.
Cloud Sync

BizCloud is the cloud service that is hosting the whole BizCloud HR suite. HR admins can choose to view reports online, combine data from all branches, and keep data online. Our cloud servers are secure, using data encryption, HTTPS, and data center security, managed by expert engineers.

Work Pattern
The employee work pattern defines their schedule, such as weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or alternate days, including options like working on Saturdays or alternate Saturdays. Our HRM System matches these patterns with attendance records to check for late arrivals, early departures, and lunch breaks, showing results in a summary report. For example, a pattern might include working Monday to Friday with specific times for start, lunch, tea, and end of work. The system automatically matches attendance times with the work pattern to track punctuality and time spent at work.
Most attendance systems only track clock-in and clock-out times, missing complex shifts like 4-day workweeks or night shifts from 7PM to 3AM. Our Attendance module uses smart algorithms to capture and analyze these work patterns, making HR management easier.
Holiday and Off-days
When Attendance module is coupled with e-Leave module, the system recognizes holidays, off-days, and leave days. It ensures no attendance is expected on these days, preventing them from being marked as absent or late. This results in accurate attendance reports and reduces HR admin workload by automating routine tasks.
AI Assistant

AI assistants can recognize attendance, overtime, off-days, shifts, and work patterns. They reduce HR paperwork and errors, enhancing company productivity. Employees experience less paperwork and smoother workflows. AI can be customized for various tasks, automating processes for customers.

Multiple Branches
Our system handles HR needs for multiple branches online. Attendance data from various branches is consolidated centrally. Leaves and claims functions seamlessly across branches. Each branch accesses its data, while centralized admin oversees all.
Download Sample Employment Forms

Our system offers a variety of sample employment forms, including offer letters, job application letters, confirmation letters, and more, to simplify your HR tasks. HR professionals can easily download and customize these templates with employee-specific and other relevant information.

Centralized Admin
Admin can modify user setting by the authority, approval, and their attendance data. You can find a lot of reports for each module. The centralized admin standardizes approval policies and reduces paperwork. If you need customization, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Comprehensive Attendance Data
Many attendance devices provide basic datasheets with only time and employee IDs. HR admins must manually reconcile this data, which can be time-consuming, especially with multiple entries. To simplify this process, we introduces “Work Patterns” for each employee group. These patterns automatically match and organize data into readable in-out, lunch, early departure, and extra work hour records.
Mobile Attendance System
We have customers that need to collect attendance data at the remote area where there is no network. To address this problem, we let the thumbprint reader keep data before sync data. The user uses our system to clock in and clock out, the data is kept until sync to the system.
BizCloud App Mobile GPS Clock In

Our Mobile Time and Attendance App captures GPS positions and clock times, ideal for tracking on-site support. Employees can clock in directly at customer locations, eliminating the need to visit the office first. Admins receive coordinates and Google maps showing clock-in locations, saving time and boosting productivity. Employees enjoy flexibility in serving customers on-site. For detailed data, multiple clock-ins and coordinates are recorded.

Human Resources Management System and HR Outsourcing Service for SMEs

Organize your human resources effortlessly with our HRM system. Our system allows you to:
  1. Utilize the Attendance System Singapore as a standalone login terminal with options such as fingerprint, facial recognition, QR code scanning, and mobile GPS mapping.
  2. Integrate it with your POS terminal.
  3. Manage all your company’s HR activities using our built-in modules.
  4. Outsource your monthly HR processing functions to us, and we’ll take care of everything.
  5. Efficiently track employee leaves and work hours across multiple branches in different locations. All recorded data will be synced to the Cloud System.
Discover the powerful Singapore HR Software designed specifically for Singapore companies! Eliminate paperwork and simplify your HR processes!