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Explore our HRM system tailored to streamline and elevate your organization’s HR processes in Singapore. Discover the functionalities and benefits of Mobile Attendance, Biometric Attendance Devices, E-Claim, and E-Leave systems. Take your HR management in Singapore to the next level.

Attendance Solution for Any Business Size

Optimize attendance tracking effortlessly with our all-inclusive solution, comprising a mobile attendance app and biometric devices. Rest assured of precise attendance records, tailored to businesses of all sizes in Singapore.

Mobile Attendance App

Our Mobile Attendance system revolutionizes the way employees clock in and out, providing flexibility and convenience through the use of smartphones. This solution is particularly beneficial for remote workers, field employees, and those frequently on the move.

GPS Tracking

Utilize GPS technology for accurate attendance tracking, monitoring clock-in locations for precise records.

Geo-Fencing Control

Set specific clock-in areas for remote work or office settings, enhancing attendance accuracy.

GPS with Selfie

Attach employee photos to GPS attendance records for efficient tracking of remote workers.

Push Notifications

Receive instant alerts for clock-ins/outside set boundaries, ensuring timely oversight.

Biometric Attendance Devices

Our Biometric Attendance Devices use advanced QR fingerprint, QR GPS, and facial recognition technology to provide a secure and reliable way to manage employee attendance. This technology minimizes the risk of fraud and ensures precise tracking.

TF-150 Attendance System

Capture time attendance using facial recognition technology, available for both online and offline.

QR-WFP Attendance System

Capture attendance with our fingerprint-enabled system and QR code scanning. Online and offline.

QR-GPS Attendance System

Capture employee attendance through QR code scanning or mobile GPS mapping, online use only.

Paperless E-Claim Management Made Simple

Streamline your claim process effortlessly with our intuitive E-Claim Management System. Simplify submissions, approvals, and tracking for a more efficient workflow.
Key Features of Our Claim Management Solution:

Simplify Leave Management with Our E-Leave System

Effortlessly handle employee leave requests through our intuitive mobile app. HR receives instant push notifications for quick approvals or rejections, ensuring seamless workflow.
Benefits of Using Our E-Leave Management System:
Access our HRM system conveniently from your fingertips! Available on Google Play Store, Apple App Store & Huawei App Gallery