Call Center VoIP Malaysia, Singapore & Philippines

Call Center Solution

We offer a variety of services for call center and discounted call service with best levels of uptime, reliability and customer service. With call center facility set up, you can process thousands of call attempts per second using a separate rate table which suits your company's budget. Please contact us if you have inquiries, our customer representatives and engineers will be happy to assist you. After registering an account with VoIP, do inform our support team and we will optimize your account for call center traffic.

Call Center Features
  • We have both prepaid and postpaid packages
  • Benefit from our large call volume and purchasing power with low wholesale rates
  • Get issues resolved fast dedicated team support
  • Reload credit to current balance quickly by using a credit card or Paypal account
  • Choice between land line and mobile line routes
  • Deal with a company that values integrity and fair dealing

For heavy usage, our call center VoIP PBX are able to support up to 4 PSTN lines.

General Questions
  1. How many extensions needed for your call center?
  2. How many TM Lines?
  3. Do you have internet ready?
  4. Any extra requirements for PBX (Voice Recording, Voicemail, IVR etc)?
Key Components

Automatic Call Distributor

Queue Strategies

Automated Attendant

Interactive Voice Response

Caller Experience

Call Recording Abilities

Key Benefits

Improve Customer Service

Manage Calls Effectively

Cost Effective

About VoIP Call Center
  1. You will need to subscribe to VoIP prepaid/postpaid plans to use our VoIP services. You can do so by filling in our company's registration form or sign up here. Minimum subscription term is 6 months.
  2. Incoming calls (via your company DID number) are free but outgoing calls will be charged accordingly where rates are subject to the country you are calling to (destination number).
  3. VoIP prepaid plans do not have subscription fees but you will need to make sure your SIP account has sufficient credit.
  4. Please contact us to request & verify your preset number display for your call center.
  5. Your call center may make unlimited outgoing calls to any desired country.
  6. ONE channel is equivalent to ONE concurrent call (Incoming OR Outgoing)
Benefits of VoIP Call Center
  • able to accumulate the total cost
  • able to display statistics about the number of Outgoing calls from VoIP Call Center
  • able to calculate the success rate if the call is answered easily or frequently
  • able to show call durations

Option 1:

Step 1

A customer makes a call using his landline or mobile phone.

Step 2

The call reaches your incoming line DID number which is a registered landline phone number from any country.

Step 3

Our AlienVoIP server will re-route the call to the IP PBX in your company voip call center. The destination (your company/call center) can be in any country worldwide.

Step 4

The customer will be directed through IVR (Interactive Voice Recorder) to input their preferred service (e.g. account information, customer service, etc.)

Option 2:

Step 1

Your company’s call center makes an outgoing call.

Step 2

When you hear the word ‘Connecting’, it indicates that you are connected to our AlienVoIP Server.

Step 3

Our AlienVoIP will route your outgoing call to the destination (Customer’s Landline OR Customer’s Mobile).

Step 4

When you hear the common dial tone, it indicates that you are connected to the destination number. The destination can be in any country worldwide.

Option 3: Option 1 + Option 2