No Boundary Mobile Extension

PBX now allows you to use your mobile phone as an additional extension! Just a few steps to set your mobile extension and you are good to go. You can turn your android phone into office extensions, and if you are out of office, you may call back your office via AlienVoIP network.

Whenever calls are made from your office to your mobile phone extension:
Rate: 1 sen/ minute

1. To use AlienVoIP, the installation is not needed as it uses a feature that has been provided in every Android mobile phone.To get started, please press on an icon named “Phone” which makes calls to others (as highlighted below).

2. Next, press on “Menu” then “Call Settings” to change the call settings.

3. After that, scroll down to search for “Internet call settings” and modify the settings under this sub-section. Press “Use Internet calling” to change the calling setting.

4. After pressing on the sub-section “Use Internet calling”, choose your prefered option available.

5. Next, press on “Accounts” to setup your AlienVoIP account.

6. Press on “Add account” button to add a new SIP account.

7. You will be requested to fill in all the SIP account details. Please fill in your AlienVoIP SIP username into “User name”, AlienVoIP SIP password into”Password” and lastly, AlienVoIP Server name into “Server”. The SIP username and password could be found in your AlienVoIP account which you have registered earlier.

8. After the filling in your AlienVoIP’s SIP username, SIP password, and server, you can now set this account as your primary account. Untick the checkbox if you do not want to set this account as your primary account.

9. Press “Back” button to view your newly created SIP account.

10. Now, you are ready to make a call using AlienVoip. Type in your targeted phone number and start making calls. Note: Please ensure your AlienVoIP account has sufficient amount of credit. For international call, remember to enter 00 first, follow by country code, area code and lastly your destination number.

11. A message is prompted to acquire your choice of phone call route. Choose “Internet call” to make call using AlienVoip credit.

12. After the choice of phone call route is decided, select your internet calling account to continue making your call. Now, the calling connection is connected and you are able to enjoy making call using AlienVoip.