IP PBX Phone System Business Solution

IP PBX phone system is the best IP PBX solution for business which delivers voice or video over IP data network using the VoIP technology. Phone calls are made through network instead of using standard telephone infrastructure.

In earlier days, large phone system requires a huge amount of investment and equipment as well. This large phone system are only affordable for those big companies. Smaller companies will find it difficult to compete as they might not have initial investment to invest in this large phone system. Furthermore, the equipment are difficult to maintain and may affect the whole system if not properly maintained. With our IP PBX phone system, this problem no longer is an issue.

IP PBX, you do not need an up front capital investment with IP PBX solution as there is no need of purchasing of expensive hardware and software. For IPPBX, user can distribute their investment over long period of time.

Installing IP PBX allows users to keep their current telephone numbers where all users can share the same external phone line while switches internal calls via data network within the organization.

A traditional PBX system placed the PBX CPU on user’s site where users actually own the equipments. The user or the owner will be responsible for the maintainance and upgrading of the equipment. In a hosted IPPBX, the CPU is placed at the provider’s site. The user of hosted IPPBX will only have the IP handset in their site.

IP PBX provides a flexible and scalable solution for company. You may start with a basic IP PBX phone system and may opt for upgrade of the solution as business grows. You have the flexibiliy to add user,lines and extensions according to theirs business expansion. It allows user to connect to other end user from all around the world. You can save greatly on the IP PBX phone system operational cost as end user from other part of the world are considered local user as well. It can handle multiple simultaneous calls and transfers them to other extensions.

IP PBX is the perfect phone system solution for businesses because of its wide range of features. Beside the calling features provided, it allows users to use the basic calling functions such as call call forwarding, transferring calls, and etc. Besides, IPPBX is easy to use. The phone extension are only 3-4 digits making it easy to transfer call. IPPBX is easy to install and manage.It has a web-based adminitrative interface which allows fast and easy configuration of auto attendants and other features.

Using IP PBX, organization can expand their telephony system to multiple branch easily. Calls can be made between branches through the Internet can this can save the long distance call charges.

IP PBX has a ready configured member portal to allow you view billing information and call details. Besides this, you can also record, listen and delete their voicemail. Other features include auto attendants, voice recording,live person answering and etc.

To set up office phone system, you have choices between IP-PBX and conventional analog PBX. There are a few things to consider when choosing your telecommunication system such as:

  • Scalable
  • Cost of installation, cost of expansion
  • Cabling cost
  • Maintenance and supporting
  • Functionality
  • Calling cost

By choosing IP-PBX, you have the advantages over conventional phones:

ScalablePlug and use anywhere, IP-Pbx can serve clients from Smart Phones, PC, IP-Phones, wired or wireless.Conventional phones system need a fixed telephone port.
Cost of installationEasy configurations, can move the phones everywhere. IT technician can handle.Need to contact vendor for additional installation
Cost of expansionSupport up to 100 extensions at no costs.Need special VoIP card, Voice Codec license, depend on available slots
Cabling costShare RJ 45 / internet cable. No need extra cabling.Need RJ 11 telephone cables.
Maintenance and supportingTypical IT technician can handle.Need to contact vendor for support
FunctionalityVoice recording, IVR, Auto attendance etcNew to pay for different features
Calling costAble to connect to VoIP for internet callsNo VoIP, or extra cards need to connect to VoIP
Hybrid cost savingUse analog lines for incoming and internet lines for outgoingHave to use analog line only
Mobile AppsAvailableN/A